Sponsors & Exhibitors

Several sponsoring possibilities have been elaborated to present your company at the XX LIPID MEETING to be held in the Salles de Pologne/Events & Konferenzen, December 07–09, 2017. 

The organization team has compiled a list of sponsoring suggestions from which you can easily choose those appropriate for your company or combine various options. Please feel free to contact us for further information or individual sponsorship ideas. We are looking forward to receiving your order form. For all questions regarding exhibition and sponsorship please contact the organization team:

Mr André Störmer
Phone: +49 341 24 05 96 - 80
Fax: +49 341 24 05 96 - 51
Email: astoermer(at)eventlab.org









files/lipidmeeting/LIPID 2017/DiaSys_Deutschland_CMYK_klein.jpg


DiaSys Deutschland Vertriebs - GmbH



Advertising partners


files/lipidmeeting/LIPID 2017/Askion_Logo.jpg


ASKION  Vertriebs GmbH



 files/lipidmeeting/LIPID 2017/logo_diagnostik.jpg


Trillium Diagnostik