The XXI Lipid Meeting Leipzig will be held December 12–14, 2019 at the Leipziger Foren, Germany.

Since its foundation more than twenty years ago, this meeting in the heart of Germany has  developed into an established forum for scientific discussion and interdisciplinary collaboration in all relevant areas of lipid metabolism and diseases caused by metabolic disorders.

The international  XXI Lipid Meeting Leipzig 2019 will give an high level update on genetic studies of lipid metabolism and lipid related diseases, recent developments in hematopoiesis research and atherosclerosis, new insights in brain lipid metabolism, metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease,  precise medicine in diagnostics, prevention and novel treatment strategies of lipid disorders.

The Lipid Meeting is open for all physicians, scientists and students interested in the fascinating field lipid function in medicine and physiology. It brings together an international group of participants from all career levels and from various scientific and medical disciplines to present cutting-edge research in a collegial atmosphere.

We hope to offer you an interesting and scientifically exiting meeting and look forward to welcoming you in Leipzig.

Prof. Dr. Joachim Thiery
Prof. Dr. Uta Ceglarek
PD Dr. Thorsten Kaiser

Institute of Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics