Livestreams Friday – December 10th

08:30–10:00 am
Organ specific lipid handling
Chairs: J. Thiery | B. Isermann

10:15–11:20 am
Lipids and liver cell biochemistry
Chairs: T. Schöneberg | M. Matz-Soja

10:15–11:20 am
Lipidomics for patient stratefication
Chairs: U. Ceglarek | A. von Eckardstein

11:40–12:45 pm
Lipid metabolism and NASH
Chairs: T. Kaiser | J. Wiegand

11:40–12:45 pm
Diet, lipid metabolism and diseases
Chairs: R. Burkhardt | A. von Eckardstein

01:15–02:15 pm
Satellite Symposia supported by Novartis

01:15–02:15 pm
Satellite Symposia supported by 10x Genomics

02:30–04:00 pm
Lipid metabolism in cardiovascular disease
Chairs: U. Laufs | M. Stumvoll

04:30–05:10 pm
Mechanisms of atherosclerosis
Chairs: S. Herzig |  J. N. Boeckel

04:30–05:10 pm
Adipose tissue – more than a sink for lipids
Chairs: M. Blüher | B. Sheikh

Livestreams Saturday – December 11th

09:00–10:00 am
Macrophage metabolism and function
Chairs: P. Mirtschink | U. Wagner

09:00–10:00 am
Lipids – from analyses to new clinical approaches
Chairs: J. Ferno | P. Kovacs

10:30–11:30 am
New insights into lipid metabolism and associated diseases
Chairs: O. Tiebel

11:45 am–12:45 pm
Satellite Symposia supported by Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH

01:00–02:05 pm
Plateles and lipids – topic 13
Chairs: M. Gawaz | A. Sickmann

01:00–02:05 pm
Fetal programming of adult diseases
Chairs: A. Zenclussen | S. Kohli