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The poster sessions will take place on Friday, December 10, 2021 from 5:10 – 6:25 pm.

In advance, the program committee has already selected the best 6 posters. These will be available for voting the best three posters until Saturday, December 11, 2021. Each participant can cast one vote. The announcement of the winners will be made during the farewell on Saturday at about 02:05 pm. The first 3 winners will receive prize money totaling €2,500.

Remodelling of the proteasome as a key feature of brown adipocyte differentiation and cold adaptation

Microbiome-derived Trimethylamine N-Oxide is not independently associated with Stable Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease but with Diabetes Mellitus

The impact of cholesterol lowering drugs on metabolism and epigenetics

Adipocyte-p53 shapes adipose tissue plasticity upon intermittent fasting in obese mice

Meta-GWAS of PCSK9 levels detects two novel loci at APOB and TM6SF2

Characterization of Contact Sites between Lipid Droplets and Mitochondria during Thermogenesis in Brown Adipose Tissue by Protein Correlation Profiling

Nienke Willemsen
Clemens Ringel
Alina Rose
Isabel Reinisch
Janne Pott
Daniel Haas

Friday, December 10, 2021 | 05:10-06:25 pm

Isabel Arigoni | CANDLE syndrome-associated Psmb4 in brown adipocyte adipogenesis and function
Carolin Muley | Nfe2l1 protects adipocytes from cholesterol-induced toxicity during weight gain
Julian Emonds | The functional role of trimethylamine N-oxide in platelet activation
Pauline Morigny | A strong remodeling of the plasma lipidome is a defining feature of cancer cachexia
Josephine Alba |Lipid phase separation in mTORC2 inactivation: a computational approach
Alexander Gaudl | Cognitive impairment coincides with increased circulating levels of endocannabinoids.
Felix Klingelhuber | Control of Adipognesis by subcellular localization and relocalization events
Lucas Massier | Defining human white adipose tissue cell types based on a single-cell meta-analysis
Marie Kiefer | Intestine-Specific Deletion of Retinol Saturase Reduces Adiposity in Mice
Shrey Kohli | Effect of direct oral anticoagulants during pregnancy on placenta and the offspring
Violeta Stojanovska | Characterization of 3D trophoblast spheroids as a model of placenta functionality
Sylvia Wowro |Proline hydroxylases and hypoxia control the cellular sugar sensor ChREBP
Rizqah Kamies |Assessing the role of ploidy in human hepatocytes during chronic lipid accumulation