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BIO CITY LEIPZIG is the core of the BioCity Campus. On a total of 20,000 square meters of space, companies have been researching and working here together with six biotechnology-oriented professorships and non-university institutions since 2003. The buildings present themselves to their tenants with modern, individually equipped laboratory and office space. Start-ups and young companies from the life sciences sector, cooperation partners and investors are particularly welcome here.

The BioCube Leipzig is located in the immediate vicinity of BIO CITY LEIPZIG. In addition to laboratory space in S1 and S2 standard, this building has office, production and storage space. Here companies find their domicile, which want to develop further after their start-up phase in the BIO CITY LEIPZIG.

The symbiosis on the entire BioCity Campus creates very good opportunities for all resident companies to establish cooperations in the R & D area and to profit from the synergies that arise.

How to find the venue

Deutsche Bahn
Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) offers connections to all (bigger) cities in Germany.
Here you can check out your connection:

From the main station, please take Train 16 in the direction of Lößnig to the stop “Deutsche Nationalbibliothek”.
Cross the traffic lights to the left in east direction. You are now on the ‘Deutsche Platz’. Take the footpath to the right of the oval (green area with trees). You are already on the BioCity Campus and can reach your destination individually.

Airport Leipzig/Halle
Option 1:
Take the Regionalbahn (regional train) ‘S5X Zwickau Hbf.’ to ‘Leipzig MDR’. Your journey will take about 45 minutes. From there on, it is a 11-minute walk to the Bio City.

Option 2:
The FlughafenExpress takes you quickly from Leipzig/Halle Airport to Leipzig Central Station every 30 minutes. For your travel planning
please find here the timetable of the FlughafenExpress.
Once you have arrived at Leipzig Central Station, please take train 16 in the direction of Lößnig to the stop “Deutsche Nationalbibliothek”.
Alternatively, we recommend a cab or a Clever Shuttle.

There is a huge parkig place between the Bio City and Semmelweisstraße which is free of charge and is only 2 min. away (via foot).

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